We believe that Jesus commandment to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15) is binding on the church today. We believe that missions is a call to prioritize the lost, those with no access to the gospel. All 4 of us are blessed to serve in Thailand and be part of the work God is doing. We believe we are called as a family and we are committed to serving as a family so all can hear!

About Us

Our family is currently serving in Udon Thani (Northeast Thailand) on a church plant team. We are constantly looking for new ideas that will grow the Gospel message throughout Thailand. Our main focus is establishing meaningful relationships within villages where no churches are present. We then focus on raising up effective leaders and train people to reach the world around them. Thailand is their home country, their people, and we help create and fuel their passion to reach the lost. As a part of our church planting efforts we specialize in new ideas and designs in self-sustaining agriculture to plant new churches throughout the country and surrounding areas. Agriculture is a great way to build relationships in the community, meet new people, and help sustain communities and churches.

Our Kids are Part of the Team

We have 2 beautiful children who are such a blessing from God! Lucas, 8, is a compassionate young boy who is full of hope for the future and for Thailand. He enjoys gardening with his father and learning the “tools of the trade.” Alexis is 5 and is full of life, joy and emotion. Both love living in Thailand and are thrilled at the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with new friends. They love their trips into the villages to visit their friends. Our whole family is called to witness here, not just the mother and father. They play a great role in reaching the lost!

About Troy

Troy was saved at a young age and received the call to go into the world of missions at the age of 22. He has been to 8 countries on 9 different trips utilizing his specific skills to reach the lost. Troy was raised with agriculture all around him in various ways. As a profession/career, he ran a family owned business that catered to the agricultural community. With the call of missions growing larger in his heart he devoted his life to learning self-sustaining agriculture techniques designed from family size farms to community systems. He has studied Asian Natural Farming technology to make his own fertilizers, livestock feeds, micro-organisms for plant health, and everything necessary for the survival of life all of which is produced naturally on farm. He has designed small and large scale aquaponic systems, which can produce fish for resale continually and utilizes everything generated. Not only are these techniques self-sustainable, they are completely natural and work with their environment. He is also a bit of a survival enthusiast which gives him other basic survival skills as well, such as creating biological water filters, solar heating devices, cob construction, and many other things. With bachelors in Business Administration he is eager to see how the Lord will continue to use him to reach the lost.

About Rachel

Rachel was saved at a young age and was called into missions at the age of 12. As a result of that, she went on 9 trips to 10 countries, each trip serving a unique purpose and providing a different learning experience. Through the trips, she was able to see God heal those who were blind, deaf and oppressed. Feeling the call to missions, she knew that nursing was a much needed field of service overseas. She has been a registered nurse for 11 years, working in areas such as orthopedic surgery, post-surgical recovery, neurology, and the wide world of home care. The last 7 years of home care have provided her with the opportunity to care for varying illnesses/disease processes within someone’s home environment – each condition providing a unique opportunity to use creative methods to help those with chronic illness maintain quality of life. As our children grow, she hopes to use these skills to serve in areas where medical care is not as accessible, disaster relief, and/or services to women/children.